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Trying to stay organized as an affiliate

It is not as easy as one would think. It was easy when all I had where one website and maybe one program I where pushing, but now that I have grown to several sites, with several link campaigns, several affiliate programs that are being pushed and so many crazy foreign people I outsource work to, it can become quite chaotic and hectic trying to keep up with all the stuff that is cluttering up your brain, email inbox and hard drive. I am trying to create a system that will keep me organized, but so far, it isn’t going very well. However, with this post, I want to change that. I am going to start using the techniques that other succesful people are using and add those to my daily routines.

So, I want to achieve three things before this month is over:

  1. Start to implement the GTD methodology into my daily life (again) and keep my email inbox clean for 21 days straight
    I have read a lot about GTD and know it has gotten rave reviews and people thanking it for getting their lives organized, and I have tried it myself, but I can never seem to be able to keep using it. The times I have cleaned my email inbox and paper clutter at home, it has been a relief, but staying on top of things has been a problem, so I vow to do this for 21 days straight, cleaning my email inbox and keeping it neat.

    GTD map

    GTD cheat-sheet

  2. Read “Lifehacker: The Guide to Working Smarter, Faster and Better”
    This is an important part of this list. I have skimmed and started this book, and it contained so many nuggets, I cannot believe I gave it up. I probably went too fast through it and tried to implement too much at once, but now I want to limit myself to one chapter a day, and give it some time before the next one.Here is the link for the book if you want to read it: Lifehacker Book
  3. Start using the Pomodoro Technique
    This is a great time management system that a friend of mine has used with great success when studying and in his entrepreneurial life. He is able to juggle so many projects at once and still find time for socializing, and most of it is thanks to this technique he says. I have tried it when studying, and wow, it really helps. It seems so simple, yet it is hard to actually sit down and do the work, so you have to get that discipline going. But if you do, you will be rewarded.

Now these are some lofty goals. They might not seem like that, but they are, for me, who seems to drop everything once I meet a little resistance somewhere. Let us see where it goes and I will update you into the next month.